Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Sooooo Excited!!

I know to some this is no big deal, but this to me is the find of a lifetime! LOL Really since this new craze has come out with making your pictures black and white and then just having some things highlighted in color, I've wanted to be able to do it. My husband has worked some with a photoshop and I've tried to get him to do it but he hasn't figured it out yet. So last night while searching the Internet for some some scrapbook ideas, I happened upon this program. You could purchase it instantly and begin to create! My resident computer/Internet tech (Andrew) said it was legit and so I made the purchase and Bam I am making these pictures instantly! It is sooooooo easy! I love it so much so that I sat here for at least 2 hours changing pictures on my computer. Here are a few just for fun! What do you think?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I just spoke with my parents again, all is well. Dad has been released with a sprained neck/whip lash. Thniking about what could have happened so easily I am feeling blessed as are they! Thank you for your prayers!!!

Good News and Bad News!!!

Thank you Jesus for protecting these two wonderful men!!!

I believe it was Tuesday night that my family received their power back. They were very thankful and quite excited about the possibility of getting some semblance of normality back into their lives! Since then they have focused on others and what they can do for their community and the surrounding areas. My mother and grandmother travelled to pick up some window units to give away and they've been in touch with the local radio station to help find people who need things the most! I told my husband the other day before all this started that I remember the feelings of unity that a crisis tends to bring and I wish in some way we were closer to be a part of the restoration! Things although not good are looking up and there spirits are are lifted as well! It is amazing how when we shift our focus to others how much better our situation immediately appears to be! Through all of this in speaking with my family Mom reassured me over and over they were fine and then she would say there are just so many who have it so much worse! My brother told me this morning that one of the nearby churches has at least 45 families that lost there homes! Please keep them all in your prayers and reach out at every opportunity you get!

That was the good news the bad news is that this morning on one of there generator runs my dad and brother were involved in an accident. A man didn't see them coming and just rolled out into the intersection and they couldn't get stopped. the airbags deployed and that's where my brothers injuries came from, dad is complaining about his neck. They are pretty sure it's just whip lash but his doctor wants to do a cat scan just to make sure! I haven't heard back from them yet as to what those injuries are for sure. I just wanted to make a quick post and ask you all to remember them in your prayers! Thank you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Let's go Ride a Bike!!!

Friday afternoon We removed the training wheels from the little bike and off she went! It did take her a few tries but she did really good in a really short amount of time! There were a few little scrapes and falls but nothing major!

Way to go Alayna! You are doing so good riding your little bike!!!

Alayna gets really brave as she plays with a Baby Lizard!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Smahing Hit Say The Critics!!!

Tonight was Alayna's first school program! What a delight to see your child perform! I was actually really amazed at the songs they had managed to learn so quickly! We did get video of the whole thing but all I got on my little camera were these couple of clips, so for all of you who just can't get enough...LOL...I apologize! I must tell you that the one song on the clip Alayna did get my permission to sing. She came home from school a few days ago and was a little concerned about what they were wanting her to sing, she wasn't sure if we'd like her to say the words. I was a little surprised at her asking this so I questioned her about the words and she reluctantly told me "A tootie ta a tootie ta a tootie ta ta" after a few giggles I assured her it was alright! It turned out to be our favorite song of the evening! Here it is for you to enjoy! I also wanted to say a big thank you to Aunt Sharon for coming, it sure made Alayna feel extra special!

Aunt Sharon and Alayna Ashlyn stops just long enough to strike a pose!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

No it's not really my birthday! However I did celebrate it last night with a bunch of other birthday girls! We had our birthday party for all the Ladies of Life last night, it was so much fun! We ate and ate and ate until we were quite miserable and then we ran around and played games until we were really miserable. After all that we ate birthday cupcakes and each of us recieved a present! It just can't get any better! Here are a few pictures as promised Sis. Prince. The ladies on the committee brainstormed and we decorated each months table with a theme to go along with the month. Jan - New Years, Feb. - Valentine's Day, March - Easter, April - Showers (April showers bring May flowers) May - Flowers in bloom, June - Weddings, July - patriotic, Aug. - Back to school, Sept & Oct - Halloween (we combined these two due to the lack of births in Sept.) Nov. - Thanksgiving, Dec. - Christmas. As you will see we had a wonderful time!!!

Aunt Grandma!

Monday was Grandparent's Day at Alayna's school. Since she didn't have any grandparents close enough to make it in time for lunch, she really wanted Aunt Karla to fill in for the day! With all the happenings over the past weekend I didn't find out about this until Monday morning so We called aunt Karla around 8:00am and she was able to make it happen! Thank you so much for being there Aunt Karla it was very special and she will never forget it! It was a little funny when people kept referring to Aunt Karla as Grandma...either ma and Andrew look really really young or...well we probably look really young!!!!lol