Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to take just a minute tonight to salute my the Mothers in my life! One of whom I was born to and the other was just so excited to receive me! I am thankful for the Godly ladies both of them have been all through the years! In the face of adversity they simply smile and keep going, through some of the most lonely valleys I have watched them walk ever so gracefully! I am truly thankful I have such wonderful ladies in my life! I admire them both! I hope I can embrace all of the wonderful characteristics they each possess. I love and deeply admire both of you!

Love, Mandy

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Men's Conference

We had a wonderful time at Men's Conference this year!!! My Mom and I took the girls to the zoo on Friday! We had a really good time. The zoo is small but it was actually perfect, it's tends to be warm here so it was just large enough to get to enjoy some animals and small enough to allow us to survive the heat! There largest population at the zoo goes hands down to the peahocks as Alayna refers to them! (Peacocks)We couldn't believe ow many of them had there feathers spread I think we saw 5 together at one time in full bloom! LOL Here's a few pictures enjoy!