Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overcoming Guilt..........

Wow here I am sitting and typing again. It's like a slippery slope once you let it go it just seems so hard to come back write about all that you have you neglected to share. There's no way to really catch you up but I'll just try to hit the high points. So facing all my guilt and failure head on here goes...LOL

Let me just first say that we have been having right at 90 people every service. This is quite exciting especially when you think about the fact that we had 41 or 42 voting members when we came!!!! God's so good!

We had a wonderful Easter and although I didn't sew for the girls this year I did manage to find them some really cute outfits.

Because it's been so long since my last post all of these things may not be in the order in which they happened but at least they have been recorded!

We had an awesome service one night and we were all sort of exhausted to say the least. After church was over a lady that was there visiting asked my husband to pray for her little boy who would be going to Children's Hospital for some testing in a day or so . We prayed and then in talking to her she let us know that she had come to receive the Holy Ghost that night. Although we shouldn't have been we were a little taken aback. Isn't it funny how when God answers our prayers we are sometime a little surprised. We talked to her for a little bit and figured she would come back another service and then we would pray. One of the ladies continued talking to her and she really did want the Holy Ghost tonight. So we all went to the prayer room and in about 15 minutes or so she had the most beautiful smile come over her face and she was speaking in that heavenly language.

We have been redecorating for a few months now and in my opinion it looks really good!!! Everyone is so positive and supportive of everything we have wanted to do, God really blessed us when He sent us to this church full of wonderful people.

Alayna had too much decorating!

The young people went to Holiday Youth Convention and had a wonderful experience. We had a lot of fun and they also received a great touch from God in all of the services. We are now gearing up to go to North American Youth Congress!!! The kids have been selling Sno-Cones and standing on the curbs for donations. Say a prayer that God will bless their efforts and they will be able to raise all the money they need and have extra to do some fun stuff with!

We had our Mother-Daughter-Friend Tea and it was wonderful! We were able to go to a tea room and have it there and then the wonderful part was being able to get up and walk away and it all be taken care of. Sis LaJoyce Martin came in and spoke and it was wonderful! I had a wonderful time with Alayna and I know all the other guests did as well.

Alayna had all her end of year festivities at school. We had Track and Field Day and her awards ceremony and finally the last day of School!!! She did great in everything. She won 4 first place ribbons for all the things she competed in. The Softball Throw, the 100 Yard dash, 50 Yard Dash, and the Long Jump. She received an award for Citizenship and All "A Honor Roll". We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished already. Her favorite subject at school is P E she loves to run her laps and be in first place! One of the other little girls had been beating Alayna until Alayna started to wear tights to school and then she started winning. So we had to wear tights everyday..LOL

Camp meeting was awesome, We enjoyed all the speakers but Bro. Davis was just awesome!!!! We enjoyed being with friends and family and this year we really enjoyed having our own church family there! We had a few families come down for Camp meeting and they really enjoyed it as well!
Monkey See Monkey Do!!!

I am sure I have left out many things that I'd like to share with you but that's the price we all have to pay for my negligence! LOL I'll try to do a little better from now on.

I hope you enjoy the brief update and all the pictures!!!

Love you all and thank you for your prayers... I know it's all of our prayers that are making the difference.