Monday, August 31, 2009

Boy am I glad the computer can remember what the name of my Blog is..I just started typing in the first few words and then it remembered the rest..Thank you Toshiba!!! LOL

I just have a couple of funny things to tell you that my little Ashlyn has done in the last few days

-We were in a public restroom the other day and she was waiting her turn..after Alayna was all done I was trying to replace the paper lining the seat with fresh paper for her. In the mean time she held her baby doll over the toilet and exclaimed that her baby had gone potty...not getting much response from me and Alayna, she quickly said "Thank you Jesus my baby went potty" as she pumped her left hand in the air to worship for added emphasis!!! LOL

-A few days ago we were riding in the car and from the backseat she spoke up to let me know "Mom I need chocolate, In my mouth, Right now!!!!"

-This morning as we were getting ready for church she had already brushed her teeth and I had jut finished up on Alayna's hair and told Alayna that she also needed to brush her teeth. Alayna was asking Ashlyn if she looked pretty or not and Ashlyn said "You teeth aren't pretty!!!"

-The other day when she went to potty she slipped a little which her feel like she was falling in and she said "Mom don't fall me in there!!!"

Ashlyn is so much fun and supplies us with plenty entertainment! I love her little personality and I can't wait to watch it develop even more! I only pray we can properly train into a young lady without taking out any of her funny qualities!!! Pray for us!!! LOL

Alayna is in the first grade now and Friday I had to pick her up from school a little early. I was waiting in the class for her to get her stuff together and one of her little classmates came up to me and he said "By the way, she is a nice girl!!!" Wow what a compliment from a peer and not just any peer a boy!!!! Oh and by the way She IS a NICE girl!!!!!

On a bit more serious note, I don't know if God had been dealing with you and your church family the way He's been dealing with ours, but for some reason I am getting the feeling that He's been really working on all of us! Whatever it is that He's prompting you to do, DO IT! I am wanting more than ever before to accept the challenge of the hour, roll my sleeves up and dig in and be willing to get my hands dirty like never before!!! He's coming soon, I want to have a whole bunch more people going with me when the trumpet sounds!!! Let's work for Him this week as if it were the last one we had!!!

Love you all sorry for the jumping around in all this writing, but it's been a while and I think I've lost my knack for blogging that FB is messing me up!!!