Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God is Good

I am so excited about what God is doing everywhere! We have been having wonderful services in our local church, and it really seems that everyone I talk to or read about is experiencing the same thing.
I need to catch up a little and tell you that as of today we have had 9 receive the Holy Ghost in six months! (I think... LOL... I may have missed someone.)

As most of you know Texas Women's Conference took place this past weekend and we had a total of 14 ladies attend. A few had to drop out at the very last minute due to serious illnesses. We wished they could have gone but we understood. I believe the ladies told me that most of them hadn't attended an event on the Camp Grounds in at least 20 years. I was sooooo excited for them to go. I have gone to ladies Conference the past several years and always enjoyed them and received a lot but his year on the drive down to Lufkin I experienced a complete new set of emotions and feelings. We had stopped at a convenient store on our drive down and as I washed my hand and looked at my reflection in the mirror I took a moment to have a conversation and just reflect on my life over the past few months. I thought of how if someone had told my of what God had in store and that I would be in this very place taking these precious ladies who now call me pastor's wife to a conference, I don't think I would have believed it. I felt all sorts of jitters and just pure excitement.

Once we reached Lufkin some of us went to grab a quick bite to eat and I couldn't eat very much of my food because I was that excited. The ladies asked me if I was nervous about singing, but I had to say it really wasn't that it was that THEY were HERE and GOD was going to be HERE and that's just about the PERFECT FORMULA for excitement I can think of.

Thursday night was wonderful. God spoke to our hearts through Sis Grandquist about going the 2nd Mile. Friday Sis Miller was awesome and Sis Cooley was wonderful as well after what she talked about I believe I have a new perspective on the worship part of a service. Then Friday night God just sort of took over and we rejoiced and received. I believe that spiritual healings, emotional healings and physical healings were performed for many but I know that God did each of these things for us specifically. I can't wait for all that God did to be revealed and I know that with time as the proof we will see how great our God is. Saturday morning was really icing on the cake. We witnessed a miracle in Sis Miller's life come to pass. She had a financial need and God did more than meet it. No one knew of what had happened in her and her husbands life only a little while before her leaving to come to the conference a great need had arisen and it wasn't of their own making. She told us after all of this happened that she had just put it in God's hands and went own about His business. God spoke to Sis Gandy who was MC of the Saturday morning service and used her to allow us to be a part of this great miracle. In about 10 minutes or so an offering of over $17,000 was given. I have to pause and share a story here of how God works. Sis Julie testified Sunday night here at home and said that she always gets her cash from the bank and a roll of quarters to pay the tolls with. A few weeks ago she had lost her roll of quarters and couldn't find them so she just manage another way. On the drive to Lufkin they found the missing quarters. In that service she felt God leading her to give them to the need for Sis Miller, she then realized how great God was and how much he cares for us. Julie felt like God was telling her she hadn't just misplaced that money but that she had been part of the answer to someone else's prayer. WOW! I'll resume with the Saturday morning service now, My mom wrote a new song and it says,
He put dancing in my feet,
Worship in my heart,
Praise on my lips, and that's just the start,
Joy in my soul,
Peace in my mind,
Life everlasting in Him I find,
I can't thank Him enough,
I can't tell Him enough,
I love you from the bottom of my heart......
There's more to it but that's the chorus and it is such a wonderful song. I feel like it just sort of summed up all of the conference in one song.....well as best as anyone could anyway.

When we got home it was time for Saturday night prayer. We had an awesome time in prayer, and we were ready for Sunday! Sunday morning Bro. Moore ministered in the Holy Ghost, He told us to remember the grapes...or the promises that God has already given to us. He really encouraged us and prepared our hearts for what God had in store for us.
Sunday night my husband had asked all the ladies who attended ladies conference to testify. Let me just say that they did awesome!!!!! They told of what they had heard and what God had done for them personally and what He was going to do! After we all finished He asked us to pray for the congregation that they would be able to get a hold of this same spirit through what they had heard from us. We began to pray and then we began to walk among the people and pray for them. God started moving and awesome things began to happen. We prayed for a while and and then Bro Rick and the newly forming band began to play "Deliverance" as best we can figure, since no one was even thinking of their watch at the time, it was about 1 hour and 45 minutes later that we finally stopped. I think everyone in the church that was able danced before the Lord. I think that some hadn't done that in many many years. It was beautiful. I can't see how heaven will be a lot different than how we felt Sunday night only I suppose we won't have sore bodies come Monday morning...and Tuesday...and Wednesday..LOL During all the worship Sunday night 2 people received the Holy Ghost. I am expecting great things to come! I hope we have just as big a group of men go to Men's Conference, although if they come home even more supercharged I don't know how we'll be able to ....well we all better diet between now and then..LOL

I do have some pictures and I will share them as soon as I can get my camera into my husband's computer. ( I haven't just not blogged I have had some technically difficulty as well.) Hopefully we'll get it together soon!!!