Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My New Birthday!

Alayna Joy Elms received the Holy Ghost June 8,2007 in Lufkin, Texas. It was Friday night of Camp Meeting and we were having a Crusade for the Texas District. The Message had preached and I was lingering in my pew taking care of the children (with my mom's help). Mom turned to me and said go up to the front and take Alayna maybe she'll get the Holy Ghost. I sort of smiled and Alayna and I went to the altar. When we got to the front Haiden one of Alayna's friend from home was praying and shortly there after received the Holy Ghost. Alayna was obviously touched by Haiden's praying because she began to cry. Alayna hasn't been a stranger to the altar at home she goes quite frequently but I have never seen the sincerity with which she began to pray this night. I prayed with her for a few minutes and Mom Elms was right there as well. Alayna was really really crying and I have seen children simply caught up in the emotion of this and become hysterical, I didn't want this to happen. Mom picked her up and was holding her on her shoulder, she looked at me and said "I can feel her little body shaking!" She put her down and I got down on my knees and began to talk to her to find out what she was feeling. I asked her if she was scarred and she said no. I asked her if she knew what it meant to praise God? She said no so I said it's kind of like a compliment we give to God, Like when you tell Mommy I'm pretty or I tell you what a good girl you are. Can you think of something we can tell God like that, "He gives me the Holy Ghost" she said through sobs. Good can you think of something else "He makes you pretty and He died on the cross." I then explained to Alayna that when she got the Holy Ghost she would begin to say God's Word's (speaking in tongues) you won't know what they are and they might sound funny kinda like Spanish. I told her it's okay to say them no matter what they sound like cause they're God's words. Bro. Jonathon Green came over and began to pray with Alayna in a matter of minutes she was speaking in tongues. let me stop here to say that at some point one of our friends asked if I wanted them to get Andrew, he was elsewhere praying other people through to the Holy Ghost. They announced over the P.A. for Andrew Elms to come to the front His daughter was about to get the Holy Ghost. He was there to see her speaking in tongues. This announcement brought many others who knew us as well. Grammy, Mimi, Papa, Uncle Jon, Aunt Brenda, Savanna, Scarlet, Bro and Sis Prince, Bro and Sis Clark, Kassie, Ashley, Eddie, Kyle, Priscilla, Jarred Pugh, Bro and Sis Isom, Shannon, Kolten, Kory and Kris. I think that's all sorry if I missed any. I was so happy all of them were able to be there to share such an important event with us. Alayna is only 4 years old and I was a little unsure about her really receiving the Holy Ghost. I knew what I had felt and saw, but I wanted to make sure she really did receive the Holy Ghost. When we asked her she did say she got the Holy Ghost. That night we didn't say too much except that we were so proud of her and happy about her getting the Holy Ghost. When she finished praying Andrew picked her up and asked what had happened and she said my heart was hurting and then I said God's words. I think Mom Elms asked her what happened and she said her heart was hurting and then she felt God's words in her throat. ON the trip home the next day I began to question her about what had happened. I asked her what the man praying with her had said and she told me he said "keep your eye's closed and say I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus..." I asked her if anyone had told her to say God's words and she said "God did!" So that's that!!!! My Four year old did receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I know she doesn't understand it all like an adult would but she knows Jesus is living her heart now!! I can't explain the Joy that fills your heart when your child is filled with the Holy Ghost. I have watched other families experience this and often wondered how it must feel. I certainly wasn't expecting this so soon but I am thrilled for my little girl and word truly can't express what you feel!!! Congratulations Alayna!!!