Sunday, May 27, 2007

She Did It!!! Three Cheers for Ashlyn!!!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that the doctors are wrong! Fat babies can roll over early!! Thursday night, Ashlyn managed to roll over from back to front. She's been trying for some time now, and she finally made it over that chunky little arm. Sweet baby girl, we are oh so proud of you and the beginning of all the accomplishments to come in you life! You are the sweetest baby! We Love you and feel very happy to have you!

Check up time. Ashlyn had her four month checkup last week. She weighs in at a whopping 17lbs. Well, as the saying goes, everything is big in Texas. I guess that goes for babies as well. She checked out just fine and can eat baby food now! I thought a weight program would be implemented not more food. lol She's wonderful and just the perfect size!

Thanks Mom Elms!

A-Available or Single? Married 7 Years =)

B-Best Friend? Andrew, My Mother & Dad

C-Cake or Pie? Cake with ice cream

D-Drink of Choice? Sweet tea

E-Essential Item? Dental floss

F-Favorite Color? Green

G-Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms, more fun but I do not indulge often

H-Hometown? I consider my "hometown" Deweyville but I was born in Louisville, KY


J-January or February? January it's fresh and new

K-Kids? Two beautiful girls

L-Life is incomplete without? My God, My Family, My Church

M-Marriage Date? August 7, 1999

N-Number of Siblings? Two wonderful brothers, we make a nice sandwich I'm in the middle

O-Oranges or Apples? hmm...I eat apples more often but probably prefer oranges???

P-Phobias & Fears? I hate bugs on me!!!! Caution will scream!

Q-Favorite Quote? “A laugh is a smile that bursts.” “Laughter is the spark of the soul”

R-Reason's to Smile- Life and that more abundantly

S-Seson(ing)? Spring and Fall, Lawry's

T-Tag Three..... I thinks they've all been tagged so if not consider yourself tagged!!!

U-Unknown Fact About Me? I eat Salmon patties, how's that for random?

V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? I oppress the animal kingdom with great pleasure!

W-Worst Habit? Now I consider this telling...

X-Xray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound a gift to parents

Y-Your Favorite Foods? Mom's food

Z-I really don't know???

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bible Quizzers are STARS!!!

We went to a bible quiz tournament a couple weeks ago, I intended to come right home and blog about it, but you know... Well I am blogging now and it is still just as amazing to me now as it was then. I know there are a lot of pictures but I wanted to capture it all.
These kids have learned somewhere in the neighborhood of 170 scriptures. they deserve a hand for that. Their parents deserve an even bigger hand. They spend time each day and learn new verses then they have to quote all the ones they already know. Needless to say they do sacrifice some playtime. I heard a few of the parents saying how difficult it is to get their children to quote at times, they even resort to punishment. That sounds terrible at first but hear me out. Andrew and I were talking about it on the way home and I said "I don't want to force Alayna to learn the scriptures, no sooner had I made that statement than I was reminded of a message Bro Standford had preached. He talked about how we will force our kids to learn to read and do math problems etc. How much more important is the Word of God. I am so proud of these parents and kids they were awesome. When we finally got to the championship, I was a nervous wreck. My mom always helps with the time or anything else she can do to keep her mind occupied. They tell you not to make eye contact with the kids because you might distract them or mess up their train of thought. I was trying so hard not to look but I was dying to know if they were going to get it right or not. We had so much fun and they won Second place, pretty impressive since this is their first year to be involved in quizzing. I would love to see a quiz team on Wichita Falls, I know we would have an incredible team. I don't know if I could be involved though...I looked at Andrew at one point during one of the quizzes when it was down to the wire and I said "what if that was Alayna up there? I couldn't take it. Too much excitement!!!"

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

To the two most beautiful ladies in our lives, "Happy Mother's Day". You are both incredible and yet uniquely different, We love everything about you that makes you alike and all the things that make you different. You have given us innumerable memories to revisit for a lifetime. Thanks for life and thanks for helping us to live it to the fullest. I wish we could somehow be in two places at once, but God had not allowed us that privilege, our heart are truly in two places on Mother's Day. I love you Mom!!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Mom, you are such a beautiful person, both inside and out. I am happy that I get to claim you as my own. We hope this birthday is your greatest and the coming year is filled with all the things that make you truly happy!!! We love you!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Birdie Birdie

A few days ago Andrew came home from the church and called us from the driveway. We looked outside and much to our surprise there was a bird sitting in our front drive. The bird didn't seem to be injured, but it did act very suspicious. Andrew and Alayna got very close as you can see and the bird just sat. Eventually when Andrew got the newspaper after the bird he flew away. This isn't anything huge but we thought it was neat and wanted to share this with ya'll. Enjoy!