Thursday, February 26, 2009


Valentines for me this year was somewhat like the energizer bunny it just kept going and going and going!!! My husband explained that my gift wouldn't be available on Valentines and that I would have to wait until the following weekend. BROTHER, Wait a whole week for something....well I made it. On Thursday evening he told me to get the girls clothes together because they were spending the night at Sis. Joy's. Wow was I surprised. I was then told we would be leaving at 12:30 Friday for my Valentines gift. I'll spare you all the details but it did include a day at the spa and a really nice date with my forever boyfriend. I love this man God has blessed me with. I am soo thankful that after almost 10 years of marriage I can say that I am still just as in love with him as I was that day in August and maybe even a little more so. True love is beautiful and will never die if it's daily maintained. I hope that you keep the love alive in your life not just on holidays but everyday.

I was too busy enjoying everything to remember to snap even one picture...I really hate that we didn't get one picture. Oh. well I guess we'll just have to do it again soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Wiggles...

Let me explain... I still get the wiggles inside when I have a special date with my husband. Tonight as we walked into the Restaurant there was a nip in the air and my teeth chattered a bit, he looked at me and asked if I was cold. I did feel a little chill but it was the little nervous wiggle on the inside that caused the chatter. He got tickled at me being nervous and excited but it did put an extra twinkle in his eye. I love this man that God has blessed me with. I plan to spend many many more Valentines Days with him and I still hope I get the wiggles and He never loses that twinkle.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with the people you love. Happy Valentines Day to all and to all a Good Night.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well I fussed this afternoon on Mom Elms' blog about the absent pictures so I suppose I need to do something about the lack thereof on my page.

I suppose I'll take a moment and catch up as is my style in blogging of late!

-My Man- Let me just say that I am soooooo proud that HE IS MY MAN!!! In the few short months that he has been my pastor I have grown to love and respect him in a new way that I hadn't known before. Seeing his heart grow to make room for all the new people he cares for so deeply is a beautiful thing. I complimented him just recently on how beautifully I thought he had handled a situation. He has God given wisdom that amazes me. He has been teaching and preaching masterfully. His Sunday School lessons have been awesome. However he has been quite long winded...I told him if he's teaching for an hour and ten minutes at 31 then I will probably have to find a new church when he's 70...LOL I am only teasing. The lessons have been such that you really don't realize he's been teaching for over an hour. He's getting ready for our first church business meeting. I can tell it weighs on his mind and he takes it very seriously, but I love to see this side of him, putting his hand to plow and making things happen for the people of God and for the Kingdom of God. All I can say is that from where I stand Greater Apostolic Tabernacle is a blessed people to have such a man to call Pastor.

-Me- I seem to have a lot going but then when I try to start talking about it...mmmm...I am working on Praise group stuff and a Valentines party for Alayna's class at school. We have our second batch of Sunday School literature in the mail on it's way. We have reorganized the church cleaning teams. We are sitting on go waiting for Ladies Conference, I have about 18 to 20 ladies planning to go, so I am quite excited. I know these ladies are going to be blessed in a way they can't imagine and in turn our local church will be blessed upon their return. They are looking forward to the "girl time" too. We had our first Saturday night practice for the praise group and it was a good practice. Sunday night the praise group sounded sooooo good I could hear all the parts and they were confident and they just did a great job!!!! I was soo proud of them all. I am looking forward to the next practice. Below is a a picture of me with our second new baby born since we have been in Balch Springs, His name is Edmond and he is adorable.-Alayna has been sick, but is doing better. She still tires easily and her appetite isn't back to normal yet. Other than that and a little cough I think she's got this bug whipped. She had a field trip last Friday and another tomorrow, then the class Valentines Party Friday at school and an evening with friends since the parents are all getting together in honor of the holiday, so she's really excited.-Ashlyn- Oh boy what's going on in Ashlyn's little world right now. Just a few minutes ago she escaped into the sanctuary looking for her dad. She let me know that she had her shoes on and her purse so she thought it was okay to head on out in her curious George pajama entourage. I will say she took the back exit away from mom this lets me know she DID know better. We are really working on the potty training, some days are great and others it's like potty training what foreign language are you speaking mom. She has learned a new song "Tinkle Tinkle whittle star!" It's really cute.

Okay so that pretty much vaguely sums up the last 30 minutes in our lives...LOL!!! I pray all of you are doing well and that God is blessing in all your endeavors.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I haven't abandoned my blog. There so you can all quit worrying! LOL I just haven't taken the time to post about the things that have been going on so here's the short of it!!

We had two young men get the Holy Ghost a couple of weeks ago! It was really exciting. Then we went to KY and back and now we've been home enjoying our wonderful church. I will say that the Sunday we were away we had 75 in Sunday School. Of course we weren't there and there were 16 others that we were able to count who are faithful that were either out of town or sick. This means if we'd have all been here we would have had 95 in Sunday School!!!! I know we will break 100 really soon. I'll keep you all posted and let you know when it happens!!!

Much love to all you bloggers out there. I must say that I have been enjoying all that you've had to say I have only commented a few times but I've been reading it all!!