Monday, August 31, 2009

Boy am I glad the computer can remember what the name of my Blog is..I just started typing in the first few words and then it remembered the rest..Thank you Toshiba!!! LOL

I just have a couple of funny things to tell you that my little Ashlyn has done in the last few days

-We were in a public restroom the other day and she was waiting her turn..after Alayna was all done I was trying to replace the paper lining the seat with fresh paper for her. In the mean time she held her baby doll over the toilet and exclaimed that her baby had gone potty...not getting much response from me and Alayna, she quickly said "Thank you Jesus my baby went potty" as she pumped her left hand in the air to worship for added emphasis!!! LOL

-A few days ago we were riding in the car and from the backseat she spoke up to let me know "Mom I need chocolate, In my mouth, Right now!!!!"

-This morning as we were getting ready for church she had already brushed her teeth and I had jut finished up on Alayna's hair and told Alayna that she also needed to brush her teeth. Alayna was asking Ashlyn if she looked pretty or not and Ashlyn said "You teeth aren't pretty!!!"

-The other day when she went to potty she slipped a little which her feel like she was falling in and she said "Mom don't fall me in there!!!"

Ashlyn is so much fun and supplies us with plenty entertainment! I love her little personality and I can't wait to watch it develop even more! I only pray we can properly train into a young lady without taking out any of her funny qualities!!! Pray for us!!! LOL

Alayna is in the first grade now and Friday I had to pick her up from school a little early. I was waiting in the class for her to get her stuff together and one of her little classmates came up to me and he said "By the way, she is a nice girl!!!" Wow what a compliment from a peer and not just any peer a boy!!!! Oh and by the way She IS a NICE girl!!!!!

On a bit more serious note, I don't know if God had been dealing with you and your church family the way He's been dealing with ours, but for some reason I am getting the feeling that He's been really working on all of us! Whatever it is that He's prompting you to do, DO IT! I am wanting more than ever before to accept the challenge of the hour, roll my sleeves up and dig in and be willing to get my hands dirty like never before!!! He's coming soon, I want to have a whole bunch more people going with me when the trumpet sounds!!! Let's work for Him this week as if it were the last one we had!!!

Love you all sorry for the jumping around in all this writing, but it's been a while and I think I've lost my knack for blogging that FB is messing me up!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overcoming Guilt..........

Wow here I am sitting and typing again. It's like a slippery slope once you let it go it just seems so hard to come back write about all that you have you neglected to share. There's no way to really catch you up but I'll just try to hit the high points. So facing all my guilt and failure head on here goes...LOL

Let me just first say that we have been having right at 90 people every service. This is quite exciting especially when you think about the fact that we had 41 or 42 voting members when we came!!!! God's so good!

We had a wonderful Easter and although I didn't sew for the girls this year I did manage to find them some really cute outfits.

Because it's been so long since my last post all of these things may not be in the order in which they happened but at least they have been recorded!

We had an awesome service one night and we were all sort of exhausted to say the least. After church was over a lady that was there visiting asked my husband to pray for her little boy who would be going to Children's Hospital for some testing in a day or so . We prayed and then in talking to her she let us know that she had come to receive the Holy Ghost that night. Although we shouldn't have been we were a little taken aback. Isn't it funny how when God answers our prayers we are sometime a little surprised. We talked to her for a little bit and figured she would come back another service and then we would pray. One of the ladies continued talking to her and she really did want the Holy Ghost tonight. So we all went to the prayer room and in about 15 minutes or so she had the most beautiful smile come over her face and she was speaking in that heavenly language.

We have been redecorating for a few months now and in my opinion it looks really good!!! Everyone is so positive and supportive of everything we have wanted to do, God really blessed us when He sent us to this church full of wonderful people.

Alayna had too much decorating!

The young people went to Holiday Youth Convention and had a wonderful experience. We had a lot of fun and they also received a great touch from God in all of the services. We are now gearing up to go to North American Youth Congress!!! The kids have been selling Sno-Cones and standing on the curbs for donations. Say a prayer that God will bless their efforts and they will be able to raise all the money they need and have extra to do some fun stuff with!

We had our Mother-Daughter-Friend Tea and it was wonderful! We were able to go to a tea room and have it there and then the wonderful part was being able to get up and walk away and it all be taken care of. Sis LaJoyce Martin came in and spoke and it was wonderful! I had a wonderful time with Alayna and I know all the other guests did as well.

Alayna had all her end of year festivities at school. We had Track and Field Day and her awards ceremony and finally the last day of School!!! She did great in everything. She won 4 first place ribbons for all the things she competed in. The Softball Throw, the 100 Yard dash, 50 Yard Dash, and the Long Jump. She received an award for Citizenship and All "A Honor Roll". We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished already. Her favorite subject at school is P E she loves to run her laps and be in first place! One of the other little girls had been beating Alayna until Alayna started to wear tights to school and then she started winning. So we had to wear tights everyday..LOL

Camp meeting was awesome, We enjoyed all the speakers but Bro. Davis was just awesome!!!! We enjoyed being with friends and family and this year we really enjoyed having our own church family there! We had a few families come down for Camp meeting and they really enjoyed it as well!
Monkey See Monkey Do!!!

I am sure I have left out many things that I'd like to share with you but that's the price we all have to pay for my negligence! LOL I'll try to do a little better from now on.

I hope you enjoy the brief update and all the pictures!!!

Love you all and thank you for your prayers... I know it's all of our prayers that are making the difference.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Update

101.....New Record
Last Sunday we had a fellowship Sunday, which means we had Sunday AM service at 12:00 instead of 10:00. After the service we all stayed and ate Hamburgers and hot dogs and play for a long long long time!!! =) It was a blast and when the dust settled we had a new record of 101 in church with us! God is good and we are looking forward to more in the future! I am really hoping that we will again have a new record after Easter Sunday next week!

Thank you all for rejoicing with us as we enjoy the goodness of our God!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God is Good

I am so excited about what God is doing everywhere! We have been having wonderful services in our local church, and it really seems that everyone I talk to or read about is experiencing the same thing.
I need to catch up a little and tell you that as of today we have had 9 receive the Holy Ghost in six months! (I think... LOL... I may have missed someone.)

As most of you know Texas Women's Conference took place this past weekend and we had a total of 14 ladies attend. A few had to drop out at the very last minute due to serious illnesses. We wished they could have gone but we understood. I believe the ladies told me that most of them hadn't attended an event on the Camp Grounds in at least 20 years. I was sooooo excited for them to go. I have gone to ladies Conference the past several years and always enjoyed them and received a lot but his year on the drive down to Lufkin I experienced a complete new set of emotions and feelings. We had stopped at a convenient store on our drive down and as I washed my hand and looked at my reflection in the mirror I took a moment to have a conversation and just reflect on my life over the past few months. I thought of how if someone had told my of what God had in store and that I would be in this very place taking these precious ladies who now call me pastor's wife to a conference, I don't think I would have believed it. I felt all sorts of jitters and just pure excitement.

Once we reached Lufkin some of us went to grab a quick bite to eat and I couldn't eat very much of my food because I was that excited. The ladies asked me if I was nervous about singing, but I had to say it really wasn't that it was that THEY were HERE and GOD was going to be HERE and that's just about the PERFECT FORMULA for excitement I can think of.

Thursday night was wonderful. God spoke to our hearts through Sis Grandquist about going the 2nd Mile. Friday Sis Miller was awesome and Sis Cooley was wonderful as well after what she talked about I believe I have a new perspective on the worship part of a service. Then Friday night God just sort of took over and we rejoiced and received. I believe that spiritual healings, emotional healings and physical healings were performed for many but I know that God did each of these things for us specifically. I can't wait for all that God did to be revealed and I know that with time as the proof we will see how great our God is. Saturday morning was really icing on the cake. We witnessed a miracle in Sis Miller's life come to pass. She had a financial need and God did more than meet it. No one knew of what had happened in her and her husbands life only a little while before her leaving to come to the conference a great need had arisen and it wasn't of their own making. She told us after all of this happened that she had just put it in God's hands and went own about His business. God spoke to Sis Gandy who was MC of the Saturday morning service and used her to allow us to be a part of this great miracle. In about 10 minutes or so an offering of over $17,000 was given. I have to pause and share a story here of how God works. Sis Julie testified Sunday night here at home and said that she always gets her cash from the bank and a roll of quarters to pay the tolls with. A few weeks ago she had lost her roll of quarters and couldn't find them so she just manage another way. On the drive to Lufkin they found the missing quarters. In that service she felt God leading her to give them to the need for Sis Miller, she then realized how great God was and how much he cares for us. Julie felt like God was telling her she hadn't just misplaced that money but that she had been part of the answer to someone else's prayer. WOW! I'll resume with the Saturday morning service now, My mom wrote a new song and it says,
He put dancing in my feet,
Worship in my heart,
Praise on my lips, and that's just the start,
Joy in my soul,
Peace in my mind,
Life everlasting in Him I find,
I can't thank Him enough,
I can't tell Him enough,
I love you from the bottom of my heart......
There's more to it but that's the chorus and it is such a wonderful song. I feel like it just sort of summed up all of the conference in one song.....well as best as anyone could anyway.

When we got home it was time for Saturday night prayer. We had an awesome time in prayer, and we were ready for Sunday! Sunday morning Bro. Moore ministered in the Holy Ghost, He told us to remember the grapes...or the promises that God has already given to us. He really encouraged us and prepared our hearts for what God had in store for us.
Sunday night my husband had asked all the ladies who attended ladies conference to testify. Let me just say that they did awesome!!!!! They told of what they had heard and what God had done for them personally and what He was going to do! After we all finished He asked us to pray for the congregation that they would be able to get a hold of this same spirit through what they had heard from us. We began to pray and then we began to walk among the people and pray for them. God started moving and awesome things began to happen. We prayed for a while and and then Bro Rick and the newly forming band began to play "Deliverance" as best we can figure, since no one was even thinking of their watch at the time, it was about 1 hour and 45 minutes later that we finally stopped. I think everyone in the church that was able danced before the Lord. I think that some hadn't done that in many many years. It was beautiful. I can't see how heaven will be a lot different than how we felt Sunday night only I suppose we won't have sore bodies come Monday morning...and Tuesday...and Wednesday..LOL During all the worship Sunday night 2 people received the Holy Ghost. I am expecting great things to come! I hope we have just as big a group of men go to Men's Conference, although if they come home even more supercharged I don't know how we'll be able to ....well we all better diet between now and then..LOL

I do have some pictures and I will share them as soon as I can get my camera into my husband's computer. ( I haven't just not blogged I have had some technically difficulty as well.) Hopefully we'll get it together soon!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Valentines for me this year was somewhat like the energizer bunny it just kept going and going and going!!! My husband explained that my gift wouldn't be available on Valentines and that I would have to wait until the following weekend. BROTHER, Wait a whole week for something....well I made it. On Thursday evening he told me to get the girls clothes together because they were spending the night at Sis. Joy's. Wow was I surprised. I was then told we would be leaving at 12:30 Friday for my Valentines gift. I'll spare you all the details but it did include a day at the spa and a really nice date with my forever boyfriend. I love this man God has blessed me with. I am soo thankful that after almost 10 years of marriage I can say that I am still just as in love with him as I was that day in August and maybe even a little more so. True love is beautiful and will never die if it's daily maintained. I hope that you keep the love alive in your life not just on holidays but everyday.

I was too busy enjoying everything to remember to snap even one picture...I really hate that we didn't get one picture. Oh. well I guess we'll just have to do it again soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Wiggles...

Let me explain... I still get the wiggles inside when I have a special date with my husband. Tonight as we walked into the Restaurant there was a nip in the air and my teeth chattered a bit, he looked at me and asked if I was cold. I did feel a little chill but it was the little nervous wiggle on the inside that caused the chatter. He got tickled at me being nervous and excited but it did put an extra twinkle in his eye. I love this man that God has blessed me with. I plan to spend many many more Valentines Days with him and I still hope I get the wiggles and He never loses that twinkle.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with the people you love. Happy Valentines Day to all and to all a Good Night.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well I fussed this afternoon on Mom Elms' blog about the absent pictures so I suppose I need to do something about the lack thereof on my page.

I suppose I'll take a moment and catch up as is my style in blogging of late!

-My Man- Let me just say that I am soooooo proud that HE IS MY MAN!!! In the few short months that he has been my pastor I have grown to love and respect him in a new way that I hadn't known before. Seeing his heart grow to make room for all the new people he cares for so deeply is a beautiful thing. I complimented him just recently on how beautifully I thought he had handled a situation. He has God given wisdom that amazes me. He has been teaching and preaching masterfully. His Sunday School lessons have been awesome. However he has been quite long winded...I told him if he's teaching for an hour and ten minutes at 31 then I will probably have to find a new church when he's 70...LOL I am only teasing. The lessons have been such that you really don't realize he's been teaching for over an hour. He's getting ready for our first church business meeting. I can tell it weighs on his mind and he takes it very seriously, but I love to see this side of him, putting his hand to plow and making things happen for the people of God and for the Kingdom of God. All I can say is that from where I stand Greater Apostolic Tabernacle is a blessed people to have such a man to call Pastor.

-Me- I seem to have a lot going but then when I try to start talking about it...mmmm...I am working on Praise group stuff and a Valentines party for Alayna's class at school. We have our second batch of Sunday School literature in the mail on it's way. We have reorganized the church cleaning teams. We are sitting on go waiting for Ladies Conference, I have about 18 to 20 ladies planning to go, so I am quite excited. I know these ladies are going to be blessed in a way they can't imagine and in turn our local church will be blessed upon their return. They are looking forward to the "girl time" too. We had our first Saturday night practice for the praise group and it was a good practice. Sunday night the praise group sounded sooooo good I could hear all the parts and they were confident and they just did a great job!!!! I was soo proud of them all. I am looking forward to the next practice. Below is a a picture of me with our second new baby born since we have been in Balch Springs, His name is Edmond and he is adorable.-Alayna has been sick, but is doing better. She still tires easily and her appetite isn't back to normal yet. Other than that and a little cough I think she's got this bug whipped. She had a field trip last Friday and another tomorrow, then the class Valentines Party Friday at school and an evening with friends since the parents are all getting together in honor of the holiday, so she's really excited.-Ashlyn- Oh boy what's going on in Ashlyn's little world right now. Just a few minutes ago she escaped into the sanctuary looking for her dad. She let me know that she had her shoes on and her purse so she thought it was okay to head on out in her curious George pajama entourage. I will say she took the back exit away from mom this lets me know she DID know better. We are really working on the potty training, some days are great and others it's like potty training what foreign language are you speaking mom. She has learned a new song "Tinkle Tinkle whittle star!" It's really cute.

Okay so that pretty much vaguely sums up the last 30 minutes in our lives...LOL!!! I pray all of you are doing well and that God is blessing in all your endeavors.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I haven't abandoned my blog. There so you can all quit worrying! LOL I just haven't taken the time to post about the things that have been going on so here's the short of it!!

We had two young men get the Holy Ghost a couple of weeks ago! It was really exciting. Then we went to KY and back and now we've been home enjoying our wonderful church. I will say that the Sunday we were away we had 75 in Sunday School. Of course we weren't there and there were 16 others that we were able to count who are faithful that were either out of town or sick. This means if we'd have all been here we would have had 95 in Sunday School!!!! I know we will break 100 really soon. I'll keep you all posted and let you know when it happens!!!

Much love to all you bloggers out there. I must say that I have been enjoying all that you've had to say I have only commented a few times but I've been reading it all!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We made it!!!

Thanks to all of our wonderful church family in Balch Springs for you prayers as we travelled today!  We had a wonderfully uneventful road trip, and we are now atGrandmama's.  We are staying at a State Park as there aren't many other hotel options available.  It's really nice and peaceful out here and I am so happy that they have high speed Internet.  We actually joked about them having it since our cell phones aren't even working, and what do you know they do!!! Tomorrow we have some things to get done for the big Party coming up on Saturday.  My grandparent were always a big part of the city and all it's goings on. Just a bit of trivia knowledge, my grandfather was the mayor of the city for several years. So the city has been invited. My mom and her sister had an invitation put in the paper to invite everyone.  I hope all of her friends can stop by for at least a few minutes.  She is a wonderful lady with a really big heart, and I am thrilled that have her around to celebrate 80 years of life!!! Well as is usually the case with my family we must arise early in the morning for a home cooked breakfast, this means I need to retire quickly so I can make it.

Whew that was a lot of babbling!!! Sorry! However I do feel closer to sleep than when Istarted. Thank you for listening/reading!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ashlyn's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday Dear you.

What a wonderful little lady and what a wonderful day. Ashlyn in really two years old I can't hardly believe it. She is so much fun and a true joy to be around. Most of you who know me very well know that Birthday a re a really big deal to me. My mother always made my birthdays extra special and I loved it, so in turn I love to have wonderful birthdays for my girls. My philosophy when it comes to birthday parties are the bigger the better. Thank the Lord for a husband who helps to temper this. LOL Well he really does try to anyway. He had said on more than one occasion do we really need that, to which I quickly reply YES!!! LOL
Ashlyn's birthday falling so close to Christmas makes me want to be sure and make her birthday special. It's so easy when you have a child so close to such a big holiday to not do so much for them. They just recieved there wish list for Christmas and pretty much we are tired of partying by the time Christmas is over. So once again I tried really hard to put all that out of my mind and make sure she had a party as if her birthday was in June!
We had a such a great party with all of our wonderful friends and family. We were so happy to have both of our parents here for all the fun. With the way our lives all are I really wasn't expecting it but I was soooooo happy they were here. Ashlyn didn't really know how to act when all the attention came to her and we all sang Happy Birthday, but with a little coaxing she blew her candles out like a pro. Since Christmas is so close she did great tearing through the gifts. I actually had to re-tape one of them she found a day too early, lol she really like opening them.
Ashlyn recieved all kinds of presents and wonderful wishes for her birthday. Thank you all who shared in the occasion. Today we opened all the boxes and played with all the toys for quite sometime, she really enjoyed everything. She got a magnet set for the fridge that she puts animals into and they sing and talk, we played this for a few minutes and then I was going to show her how it went on the refridgerator, she had a melt down. "Mine, mine" she said over and over as shee pulled at to get it from the door. I suppose the whole sharing thing really comes into to play at this age.
Now it's on to potty training. She's doing really well. If we could stay at home for longer intervals I think she'd be done in a few days. Oh, well she will be potty trained and life will go on.
I have some pictures for you all to enjoy of the day.

Once again and for the last time until next year...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear you

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

I just want to wish my sweet little 2 year old a Happy Birthday! It seems only yesterday you were born. Tomorrow will be all the festivities and pictures, but I didn't want to let today get away without saying it (although since it is 1:20am I guess it did get away from me). Oh well I'm still up so it's still today! Happy Birthday and I hope your party is wonderful tomorrow. You are such a sweet and funny little girl. You bring lots of joy and laughter into our home! I feel so blessed that God trusted me and your daddy with such a precious girl! We love you and wish you many many many more happy years!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!!!

A couple of nights ago my husband ans Alayna were playing a boxing game together and as they would knock someone down the "10" count would start. Ashlyn and I were in the other room and she began to count to 10 with the referee. It caught me so off guard. I had been working with her but we had only gotten to 4 and that was leaving out 3 quite often. We couldn't believe it when she got all the way to 10 all by herself. I grabbed my camera real quick and got a video of it. I hope you enjoy seeing our almost 2 year old count to 10.

This is a 5th grade math problem. This is not a trick question. This is a real math problem so don't say that a bus has no legs. There is no bus driver either so don't worry about counting those legs! That's all the help you get.
There are 7 girls in a bus.
Each girl has 7 backpacks.
In each backpack, there are 7 big cats.
For every big cat there are 7 little cats.
Question: How many legs are there in the bus?
It took me a little while to get the answer But I finally got it. Give it a try! Post your answers and I'll do the big reveal in a day or so!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yesterday was Alayna's first day back to school, and you guessed it overslept... I don't know if I turned off the alarm or if it never went off or what happened. None the less, we didn't wake up in time. So when I did wake up at 8:05 (5 minutes after school has already started) I was really in a panic. I rushed Alayna through the dressing process, tried to cram some food down her and hurriedly put her and her dad out the door. When the door shut I breathed a sigh of relief and walked back into my room to lay down. In about 15 minutes I heard my husband come back in, and then I heard little giggles. I thought this a little odd of my husband, but then just realized that the morning does weird things to people. LOL! It was Alayna laughing her little head off as quietly as possible as not to wake up baby sis. We had sent her back from Christmas break one day early!!! She thought this was the funniest thing ever. She said "Mom, only the teachers were there". Anyway she just headed out the door again, and now dad has returned without her so I suppose that we got it right today! It was fun having one more day it was like our last big surprise for the holidays!

These are just a couple of random pictures I found on my husbands computer. We were at a youth event in Wichita Falls, and Bro Eddie was there doing the lawn one night. So someone decided to let him use the blower on their face and see what it would look like. Here are just a couple of the results. It was hilarious!!!! These two are bother and sister you can really see the family resemblance in the gum-line...LOL

Monday, January 5, 2009


Welcome to the New Sunday School Department at Greater Apostolic Tabernacle, Balch Springs Texas. We are Open for Business!!!!!
Sunday was the day of many firsts. First it was the first Sunday of the new year, and the first Sunday of the month, the first Sunday of our NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL!!!!!! It was our first Sunday to take an official role, and the first Sunday for many of our children to ever attend a Sunday School class.

Let me just say...It was wonderful on all accounts. Our church has worked all week to get Sunday School going. With the time of year we are just coming out of being so busy for everyone, we didn't actually get started decorating the rooms until last Monday night. Wow it was a blur of action. All of the rooms look wonderful The Teachers and all their help worked so hard to make it happen on this Sunday. More than one night this past week there were people here until 3am or 4am in the morning working. I will say that the rooms couldn't have looked any better had they had a lifetime to work on them!! They did an awesome job!!!! May I pause to say, I mean SHOUT, "GOOD JOB EVERYBODY!!!!"We had 75 in Sunday School, then we counted 8 - 10 regulars who were out due to sickness or out of town, etc. All of the children were excited and totally loved their Sunday School class. I got some pictures but I didn't take as many as I would have like out of fear of disturbing them all. I am soooooo excited about all the things that are happening. I know God is directing us and will help to meet any challenges that arrive. Here are some of the pictures from our first Sunday!

I must say that we had another first as well but I forgot to snap a picture...Bro Joseph Ouellette from Wichita Falls was in service with us. We really enjoyed having him. It's wonderful to be with old friends and talk about all the great memories that we've made!!!