Sunday, June 8, 2008

Family...Love...Laughter...Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and file' gumbo ...

Hello Everyone!!! I have wanted to post many things since Mother's Day but I just couldn't get me the computer and energy in the same place at the same time! Can I get a witness???

I guess being at home for a little over two weeks (the longest visit we've had since being married)really makes you appreciate your roots. I LOVE my family! I am prepared to list just a few reasons why.

1. You can be yourself 100%! No matter what mood you're in, or not in, you can just be you and not worry about what others are thinking, or how they are perceiving you! I guess the best way to say it is Safety! You feel so safe among those who "KNOW" you!

2. You have the right to your opinion! As children growing up we were allowed for the most part to have an opinion. I remember sitting around the table eating dinner and an idea or someones opinion would be discussed! There are many strong personalities in our family but we all learned how to be able to express the way you feel and perhaps attack an idea without touching the person who proposed it! I Love This! My dad at different times would hear our thoughts on many topics from the Bible to the cars and sometimes he would see it our way, but sometimes he said this is the way it is and it's because "I Said So". Believe me My parents had no problem with authority! But they were "Big" enough to listen to the way we saw it and help us understand differently or sometime change the way they saw it. Still to this day we will talk about things and disagree but not put each other down for differences of opinion!

3. Love! There are lots and lots of hugs and kisses!!!! I still kiss My parents and brothers and I hope that closeness never ever fades! I know that the love we share is something special! There is nothing I wouldn't do for them if it was within my power to help them! I feel just as strongly that they would do anything for me. I would feel completely comfortable asking them for any sort of help if I needed it and I am sure they feel the same. I am sooooo happy to know that I will have them to walk through life with! The bond of love is stronger than any other!

4. Laugh at yourself! One of the most beautiful things I've ever learned is to LAUGH at me! I have done some really funny things as have all of you! Laughter is like the bubble wrap that keeps the fragile things in our life from breaking! Through many difficult situations I've found peace and comfort by possessing the gift of laughter!!! Just during this trip I had a teaching moment with Alayna helping her to learn to laugh at herself. We were all sitting at the breakfast table and someone said something about itching and Alayna spoke up and said Lice itches. It caught all of us so off guard we all cracked up. She tucked her head and didn't know quite how to respond to such an outburst. I explained it to her and helped her laugh at her random comment. I think one of the funniest things is when someone stubs a toe, it's not funny but somehow I always manage to get tickled, even when it's my own toe. I get so mad and it hurts so bad but I just get tickled! Please if you haven't had anyone teach you to laugh at yourself start today learning and mastering the art!

5.Sharing memories, I love going back and reliving some wonderful things in life with my family! Just in the last few day we found ourselves all in the living room going back. Wow, all the days in the past hold some of the most dear treasures you possess and who better to enjoy them with than the ones who helped to make them! And if your like us some of the details get blurred and so there is usually at least 2 versions of each story. This makes for a lot more laughs as we try to sort it all out!

6. I love the "I'm for you and you're for me spirit" I find among family! I know they always have my best interest at heart, even when they don't agree with me or shed light in a different direction concerning things I may be facing! My family is not a place for wimps and I love that. Iron sharpens iron that what I feel like I gain from being a part of such strong people! They will not tickle your ears. If your wrong they will tell you and probably pretty forcefully and more than once and usually as many times as you need til you get it! I believe that's why all of us live for God and Want more than anything to do His will! We have always had parents that didn't take our "feelings" into consideration when it came to the things of God! I love them for that! I am a stronger person because of this!

7. As previously stated we love to laugh, however there was always a balance! Thanks in large part to Mom, I probably can't count the number of time she said that we were all "Full of Foolishness". This has become a joke in itself but I do know that Mom and Dad were and are the perfect match for each other providing the right balance of seriousness and laughter. Which is more laughter than seriousness ..JK There I go again!

8. Growing! A healthy family grows and continues all the wonderful things in the new generations. I love to watch the little ones picking up the the things I have already talked about and carrying them on. They love each other and stick up for one another and yes disagree, agreeably I must say! I watched many time as they made each other laugh and shared things and supported one another when trying new things! The beauty of growth is priceless. Many times I find myself searching my mind trying to remember how my parents taught me certain things. I know they did because I have such strong convictions in many areas of my life, but I can't remember when or how they put it in there. I am learning that the way you do or don't do things is huge to little ones! I pray often that God will help me to somehow impart all of the things that were given so carefully to me, to them!

I know this a long post and I suppose it was mostly just an opportunity for me to put all of this in writing while it was so fresh in my mind. I know you all feel alot the same about your families maybe in different ways but hopefully you will take some time and reflect on all the good things in your life! One of my favorite statements that I heard someone say is "You get two chances in life at a great family relationship. The one with the family you were born to and the one you make with your spouse and children." Maybe the first wasn't the best but you do have control over the second. Do everything in your power to make everyday a joy! Find a role model or read some good books, life is so short and family is one of the few things that really matter!!!

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-We were able to go to Cameron's Track and Field day at School. He signed up in two races and won 1st and 2nd place! He's pretty fast!

-Andrew found a set of real golf clubs for little girls! He couldn't resist! I will have to get some better photos later. The are pink and purple. Really cute!

-It is sort of a tradition if we are at Dad and Mom's house for very long to make our way to Steamboat Bills to get some boiled crawfish. Since our visit was a bit long we did get the opportunity this time. Several of us get the crawfish and you just can't help have "FUN" eating them! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

-The morning we were leaving Dad wanted to fly a kite! He had bought 3 or 4 old-fashioned paper kites at an old store somewhere. I had never seen one, it really did fly good! Then there were the last four-wheeler rides. Ashlyn loves to ride with Uncle Michael! Cameron always give the smaller ones lots of ride! There's just something about country living. On their last lap they found a bird's nest hopefully free of birds I didn't ask, It was really neat.

-Heading home Goodbye's always come too soon no matter how long the visit!

- I did take more pictures but I took them with my Mom's camera so I'll get them from her at Camp Meeting, hopefully!