Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving FUN!!!

As with all the Holidays we just relax let our hair down (literally) and have a blast! I have previously stated that I love family but I will say it again, there's not much better than just having fun with people you LOVE!!! This year started out with a bang! Poppy had a fire going out in the pasture when we arrived. I really didn't notice it too much until it got too dark for us to race in the scooters up the drive and attempt to ride the rip-sticks (those things are dangerous). Then as we all headed for the back porch to to get cleaned up WE SAW THE FIRE!!! Immediately we knew we had to roast some marshmallows, only Grammy didn't have any big ones so we settled for a hot dog roast! Me and Steph took the kids out and had a blast roasting and eating burnt hot dogs! One of the funniest things that happened was watching Lamarq run from the ants. He was wearing flip flops and he kept standing right in the middle of the ants. We got him out of them and then in a few minutes he hollers, Somebody just poured ants all over my feet! LOL He was standing right back in them! There have been countless games of softball and football and lots of castles built in the sand pile! The kids have all played so well together with only a minor disturbance, when the kids from up the street said that their poppy was grumpy they all got a little upset, it was funny how they each came to us and told of what they had said about poppy so protective of the man they all love!!! The meal was great as usual but the company was wonderful! There's nothing better than being with people you love!
I did take some pictures and I was looking forward to sharing them the problem is they are on my mother's computer and the CD drive that you burn a disk with will not work sooooo no pictures for now, sorry Aunt Kathy!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Festival '08

Well I have really been waiting to post about our fall festival until all of you posted about yours, so that all the hype would die down and my post would be extra special!!! LOL Actually I've been too busy doing other things so I wouldn't run out of things to post about! I am sort of making sure i have blog ideas for the future before I use the one I have! Okay that was an unnecessary opening paragraph I do apologize!

Anyway, for whatever reason I have or have not posted here it goes now! We left Wichita Fall way back then on Oct 30, to head to Balch Springs for a night of fun! We had our first annual Fall Festival and it was a huge success. Everyone had such a great time, and we had lot's of visitors! Sis Misty took lots of great pictures again, thanks! I also took some of Ashlyn and Alayna before we left Wichita Falls. We also want to say thanks to Aunt Sharon for the adorable Bumble Bee costume. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Journal

I've stated in the recent past that I would like to Journal but I just don't take the time to sit and do it at the end of the day. However, if I were to journal one my entries would read something like this...

Dear Journal,

I have had an experience that has both been one of the most exciting and one of the most anxious ones of my life. Although I know this is just the first of many to come it still didn't lessen the impact it had. I'll just dig right in and share with you. In my new role I have had many different encounters already, one of which has involved me encouraging someone that God was going to come through on their behalf. Although I have had to trust God for myself on many different occasions all of which have resulted in different outcomes. I have seen God "come though" and make it "all right" and then I have had to just walk by faith. All of us who have lived for God for any length of time have experienced what I am talking about, can I get an Amen! However trusting God for another's desperate situation is a bit different. I kept assuring this precious child of God that He would come through while on my own time I was desperately seeking the Lord's intervention on their behalf. All through the day I would find myself lingering in prayers about this situation sometimes in my struggle I would say God, You have got to come through. I knew He would, but when He did...WOW! As I sat at lunch with my family my cell phone rang and it was "them". I must say each time I would speak to them I was a little on guard trying to say only the right things because I really didn't know what God was going to do. I just knew that His ways are perfect and that He would take care of it. So I said a cheery hello and what I was met with on the other end was a voice full of excitement just waiting to tell me how God had done it. I don't want to invade privacy with the details but just know that when what you receive is just what you need to the penny you KNOW that God is in control. I can't say that I've been any more happy than that moment to hear the voice of a blessed person and then to be able to just relax and smile and say "I TOLD YOU HE WOULD DO IT!!!"

Well since this is my first journal entry I am not sure how it should end so I'll just say goodnight!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray

I finally have Internet service!!! I am soooo thankful to be able to BLOG and get on EA again I used to think my Mom-n-law had the worst case of bloggers bug ever but it gets really bad when you have soooo much to say and tell people about and you can't!!! So get ready, cause it's coming! Maybe tonight after service I'll sit and write. Right now I have to go and finish cooking my first meal in our new home. So far so good but I haven't started on the veggies yet. I must admit it's a bit scary to think if I burn anything the WHOLE church will know. lol I have pictures and much to tell you of when I return. TA TA for Now!