Monday, March 24, 2008

We had such a nice Easter! The girls braved the cold and were handsomely rewarded with sooooooo many eggs! We didn't get a really good picture of the girls Ashlyn tends to be a bit difficult for the camera. I will try to get some others later!

p.s. Yes I made the dresses.

Another Catch Up

Well I have several things to blog about so here we go again.

-A couple of Saturdays ago Alayna and I went to the library for a Dr. Suess Birthday Party! It was a neat time. They had several different activities centered around Dr. Suess. Alayna made a hat like Cat in the hat's, she played a few games and won some prizes, got a free book and won a door prize. They gave you a ticket when you arrived and we were one of the last ones to get there so I really didn't think she'd win. They called several numbers of children who had left already and then they called hers. We were so shocked, she was very excited to get a stuffed Yurtle the Turtle.

Making her Cat in the Hat, hat

All done! Nice hat!
Playing the Green Eggs and Ham Game.
Spin the wheel and win a prize!
Door prize winner! Yurtle the Turtle.
Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

-I think Alayna wants to be a Botanist, someone who studies plants. She help Grandma and Grandpop plant some flowers last year, and really really enjoyed it. So as soon as she saw flowers on the yard she wanted to pick and plant them in her little pots. She told me the other day that when Dad got home she wanted to ask him if the back yard could be her garden. Who knows maybe we'll be eating fresh vegetables this year...LOL
Alayna the Botanist. She really did this all by herself.
And now for the water!
The purple one actually lived until the torrential rains came and blasted them from the little pot.
-For those of you who aren't privileged to parent daughters, here's a bit of information you might not know. They follow you everywhere and get into everything that you are doing or trying to do. Can I get a witness??? Mom Elms tells of a time she was taking care a Danelle for Aunt Ronda and she couldn't believe how much more of her time she consumed than the boys did. Case in point, I was attempting to clean my refrigerator the other day and Ashlyn insisted on being very involved. I couldn't help but get tickled and grab my camera and she made herself quite comfortable. With her sippie cup in hand she planted herself right in the door of the refrigerator. Now when you have the door open and she's near she tries to reclaim her space.
I was forced out of the way so she could sit.

Like a Queen on her Throne!!!
Did I accidentally get on Mom's way???

This is a picture of success!

-As most of you know Alayna went for a visit to see Uncle Gene and Aunt Karla. One of the funny things that happened took place during bedtime prayers, Sharon wrote this out for me so I'll just retype what she wrote. " It was Saturday night and she was a little nervous about going to bed. Anyway, we were in bed and we had already said out prayers when all of the sudden she said Oh God help me to have good dreams, then Aunt Sharon did you know that if you don't tell your good dreams, they come true? I said really. Then she said Oh, God help me to tell my bad dreams. I knew where we were going with this so I said Alayna, bad dreams don't come true, only the good ones. All of the sudden she said, Oh, God never mind, I didn't know that, Aunt Sharon just said that bad dreams don't come true. I nearly died. It was so funny and she was so sincere." For her homecoming celebration her daddy made her a welcome home sign and we blew up several balloons to put in her room. We were really glad to have her back.
Thank you Aunt Sharon and Alayna for the gifts from abroad!
Wow! that's a lot of balloons!

Welcome Home Alayna!!!

-Okay we are all caught up again except for Easter and because I have so many pictures I will do a separate post so ta ta for now!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tagged...Favorite things about Spring

Thank you Michelle. I know some of these have already been stated but there's only so much about spring...

1. I love the true spring weather. Nice. a little warm and yet still cool enough to be quite pleasant.

2. I love the fact that the cold is over. Don't get me wrong I enjoy winter, but there comes a point when it enough already.

3. I enjoy seeing everything come to life. The grass the flowers and trees. It just feels new. You now maybe the year should start in March instead of January. JK

4 I enjoy opening the windows and doors, I don't do it so much now because of my little one who tries to escape.

There all done now. I will tag Sis. Prince, Karla, and Mom. I don't know if you've been tagged or not but I didn't see that it said no tag-backs so your tagged. lol

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We Miss You!

Alayna is out of town visiting Uncle Gene and Aunt Karla, and boy do we miss her! The house is somewhat quiet, and I feel a little empty in the pit of my stomach. I missed her more yesterday than when we have left the girls and gone somewhere. I am sure it's because we're home in the normal routine of things and she's missing. Last night while cooking supper I had to stop myself from really crying, a few tears did manage to escape however. So if you all were wondering if Alayna could stay longer, the answer is NO! I have not allowed myself to call every time I wanted to, only when I felt I had a really good excuse. I know ya'll are having a good time and I am really happy she got to visit. I just miss her a little......a lot.

I am home again unable to go to church because Ashlyn is running fever again. She woke up this morning and I was about to start the Sunday morning routine of getting ready and I realized she had fever. So that stopped all that! I really hope she's better soon, I hate seeing her sick. Have a great Sunday, and a Happy St Patrick's Day tomorrow!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday!

No, I didn't accidentally re-post the last one, today is a birthday for another very special man in my life! Wow it sounds a little weird thinking of him as a man, but I guess 34 qualifies for a man. It is amazing how as the years fly by you still think of your siblings and yourself as kids. On all other counts he is definitely a man! He has always been an incredible provider for his family making sure all their needs are met and then some! His walk with God is definitely that of a mature man! I must say this is the quality I most admire in my older brother! He has set the bar high in living for God! I remember somewhere around 15 or 16 that he made a commitment to God to pray daily, and not just for 5 or 10 minutes! He would head to the church during the day sometime and pray! At family gatherings when we are all together for the whole day I've noticed he'll still gather his family and they'll slip away somewhere for a time of prayer. The man just don't miss a day! I love you for this you are an inspiration to me! As for your preaching it just don't hardly get any better! I know this is a direct result of the previous. You are so much fun, I love being with you and laughing at the stupidest things. I know other people either pity or envy us, I guess I don't really care which. I love the relationship I have with you being able to speak freely and still have a deep unchanging love for each other! I do hope I can be all that I feel like you are in life! I love you and I am sooooo glad you are my "BIG" brother in all the ways you are! I am thankful to know I'll have you with me through the rest of life whatever it brings I know as a family we will be okay! Michael you are one of my heroes!

Love Always & Happy Birthday,


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

I just wanted to give a huge Birthday shout out to Dad Elms!!! What a wonderful picture of a man after God's own heart! It has been a privilege of mine to be welcomed into the heart and Elms' Family. They are just as precious from the inside of the family as the out. Dad, I hope you have a nice day surrounded by the people who love and esteem you greatly (Life Tabernacle family). You have been a blessing in my life I thank you for the time and love you've invested! Happy Happy birthday from all of us to you!!!!